Beginner Digital Photography DayCamp - Interest Form


Are you interested in enrolling your child in a Beginner Digital Photography DayCamp? Fill out the form below so we can see who is interested!

If 4 or more people are interested we will put together the class and choose a date and time.
This course would cost $100 per child and would be due at the time of enrollment. Enrollment will be open and announced once all Interest Forms have been received and reviewed!

You will be emailed when it is time to enroll!


This DayCamp will take place at LETTUCE LAKE PARK and cover basic Digital Photography, *your child will need to bring a camera with them! We will go over Exposure, Leading Lines, Framing and other beginner photography. I will work with the children to use their own camera to the best of their ability! We plan to have a fun DayCamp that includes learning games and fun lessons and activities. A snack will be provided.

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