Spring has Sprung! - Pinellas County, Florida Newborn Photographer

Spring has finally arrived and with this beautiful weather comes beautiful babies! 

Baby Charlotte was a dream to photograph! She slept peacefully while I put her in the most adorable setups! Enjoy these photos of this gorgeous, 9 days new, baby girl!

Handsome Baby J - Westchester County Newborn Photographer

This little guy was awesome to photograph in the studio at just 6 days new! He slept his whole session only peeking at me for a short time towards the end!  I have so many favorites that I love from this shoot so check them out!

Happy Spring! Tiny Miss "M" - Westchester County, New York Newborn Photographer

Happy 1st day of Spring!!

Thankfully, this beautiful, sweet, baby girl was so wonderful for her session as it allowed me to play with all sorts of new colors that really got me in the mood for Spring! Are you ready for all the snow and cold to be gone?? I know I am!

Hopefully this cutie's spring session will warm you up until the weather changes!

Squishy Baby Ryan! - Westchester County, New York Newborn Photographer

This cutie may be my biggest baby yet at over 9lbs! I was so in love with his chubby-ness! Not only that but he was so well behaved for his session that I didn't want to stop photographing him!

Enjoy his adorable squishy-ness!

Sweet Little "S"! - Westchester County, New York Newborn Photographer

Sweet little "S" was such a dream to photograph! Not only did she sleep for most of her session, but she gave us some gorgeous awake photos as well! 

Usually little ones this young can look cross-eyed, roll their eyes back, or have one eye open and one closed, but this cutie was so alert and gave us beautiful eye contact! :)

(And check out the amazing smile she gave me!)

Baby Bunny Ruby! - Westchester County, New York Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Ruby was amazing for her Newborn session at just 6 days new in the studio! She didn't make a peep her whole session and her proud big sister Sienna just loved holding and loving on her baby sister!

Newborn baby girl in crochet pink pants and crochet pink bonnet  ,  bean bag pose on pink fabric backdrop,  Westchester County, New York Newborn Photographer, Amanda Noelle Photography.

Little Princess Haylie - Westchester, New York Newborn Photographer

Little Haylie was an absolute pleasure to photograph in the studio at 16 days new! As she was a little older than the ideal 5-10 day mark, we didn't have as much time where she slept ;) but in the time did have, we got some stunning shots! I just think this little princess is just. so. pretty!

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Sweet Newborn Claire - Westchester, New York Newborn Photographer

Little miss Claire was a perfect little angel for her newborn session at just 7 days new!               She practically let me do whatever I wanted! ;) Not only did we get beautiful, sweet shots of her, but we also got awesome family photos, and some of big brother Peter's first time holding his baby sister!

Little Miss Zaya - Westchester Newborn Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of photographing beautiful baby girl Zaya and I am just as in love with her name as I am her photos! At just 7 days new in the studio, we were able to get so many cute poses and looks! I got to play with more colors and poses thanks to her wonderful cooperation! Zaya is such a gorgeous little girl, I can't wait to photograph her again and watch her grow up!

I had so many favorites! Let me know which one was yours in a comment below!!

Prop Stash!!

Many times during the booking process for Newborn and baby sessions, I get the same questions regarding props!

Do you provide the props I see in your photos?

What do I need to bring? Do I need to get all those hats and things for my session?

I decided to write this blog post to answer those questions!

To put it simply, unless you have a very specific prop in mind, or a sentimental outift/item you want to use in your photos, you don't need to bring anything in regards to the photos!

I have many backdrops, buckets, baskets, wraps, hats, headbands, outfits and more!! I  may have a bit of an obsession...

Below is a sneak peek at just a small part of my prop stash that is all available for use in your session!

I am constantly updating and adding to this collection that includes everything for newborns as well as adorable classic outfits for babies 3 months -12 months!

Happy Holidays! Holiday Mini Recap!

Happy Holidays! I love this time of year! I get to spend quality time with family and friends, and of course, run Holiday Mini Sessions!!

This year's Holiday Mini Sessions went great! Not only were the little ones absolutely adorable, but the Holiday photos turned out super cute! Check them out for yourself!

Happy Holidays from Little Ryan and Julia!

Happy Holidays from Jeremiah, Ian and Grace!

Happy Holidays from Bradley!

Happy Holidays from Michaela, Charlie, Elyse and Julia! (I love extended family shots!)

And finally, a Happy Holidays from these adorable twins, Ava and Olivia!

I hope your Holidays were as filled with adorable-ness as mine was! Take care and have a wonderful New Year!

Happy New Year 2015!

The New Year is fast approaching! 2014 has been a wonderful year full of lots of fresh newborns, adorable new clients and great new friends!

There are many new changes coming for Amanda Noelle Photography! Including, but not limited to, a new website (obviously ;) ), a new logo, upcoming promotions and a new BLOG! (You can probably see that... since you're on it...lol)

I have never been a blogger so we shall see how this goes! ;) Please look forward to it!

I've come up with two New Years Resolutions!                                                                        

First: Keep up with all my social media accounts! (Have you followed us? Find our links to the right sidebar or at the bottom of the page!)                                                                                    

Second: Keep up with this blog! :) (wish me luck!)


Do you make New Years Resolutions?                                              

Leave a comment with yours below!!


See you in 2015!