Happy New Year 2015!

The New Year is fast approaching! 2014 has been a wonderful year full of lots of fresh newborns, adorable new clients and great new friends!

There are many new changes coming for Amanda Noelle Photography! Including, but not limited to, a new website (obviously ;) ), a new logo, upcoming promotions and a new BLOG! (You can probably see that... since you're on it...lol)

I have never been a blogger so we shall see how this goes! ;) Please look forward to it!

I've come up with two New Years Resolutions!                                                                        

First: Keep up with all my social media accounts! (Have you followed us? Find our links to the right sidebar or at the bottom of the page!)                                                                                    

Second: Keep up with this blog! :) (wish me luck!)


Do you make New Years Resolutions?                                              

Leave a comment with yours below!!


See you in 2015!